6 Ways to Charge Your Laptop Battery Externally

Laptops are all around us, and we use them for everything. From looking up recipes to sending that email to your boss –laptops have made our lives pretty easy over the past few years.

However, sometimes laptops run into some issues, too. One of the most common issues with laptops is their batteries. Laptop batteries have a limited lifespan and can sometimes lose the ability to charge at the most crucial time. At such a time, the only thing on our mind is: How can we charge our laptop battery externally? If you want to get rid of this problem, you should purchase your laptop from good companies with a good market reputation. We have written a guide on laptops made in the USA for you to read.

Well, you must be desperately looking for how to charge your laptop battery externally. We bring you those solutions. 

How To Charge Your Laptop Battery Externally

We bring you some good news: even if your battery stops charging, still you can charge your laptop battery externally. What are some easy and fool-proof ways to do that?

You can charge your laptop battery externally quickly in these six ways:

Using An AC Power Bank

You can quickly and conveniently use an AC power bank to charge your laptop battery externally. You have to plug it into the power outlet of your wall and then connect it to your laptop’s USB port and see its magic when it starts charging.

However, ensure you get AC power appropriate to your laptop’s power usage. If the volt is higher or lower than the required current, it can damage your computer.

Using a Car Charger

Well, car chargers aren’t just perfect for charging cars because you can also use them to charge your laptop on the go. Suppose you are going somewhere and you need to charge your laptop urgently. In that case, a car charger can effortlessly plug into the cigarette lighter of the car and connect to your laptop to charge it. As long as your vehicle is running, your laptop will charge.

Using A Type-C USB Power Bank

A Type-C USB power bank is one of the most popular options to charge your laptop battery externally. This is because portable batteries come in many sizes and can charge many things, including a laptop battery. Connect the USB C port to the USB port on the laptop to charge it.

Using A Power Bank With A Laptop Charger

Last, you can use a power bank to charge the laptop while using the built-in laptop charger. Since the power banks have various connectors (including the USB-C port), you can connect your laptop charger to the USB power bank and leave it to charge.

Usually, the USB ports are for transferring data, but we’ve all used them to charge our mini devices like phones, power banks, etc. However, when the need arises, these ports can also be used for inputting power into your laptop for charging. So, if you don’t have your laptop’s charger or if that charger isn’t working, you know what to do.

Using An External Battery Charger

Almost every laptop’s battery is easily removable; maybe yours has a removable one, too. You can manually charge it with any available chargers at your place. But, for this, you’ll need a nine-pin charger for charging the interface as per your battery requirement.

When you have the compatible pin charger interface, you can use that charger as a regular charger for your battery. All you need to do is connect the connector to the laptop’s battery pin and connect the other end to the power cable. Afterwards, it will start supplying electricity directly to the battery and, hence, to the laptop.

If your battery is irremovable, you can explore the other options we mentioned, like a USB port or a car charger.

Buy A Universal Adopter

Universal adopters are called universal because these adopters help when other methods fail. If you think your laptop is not charging because of the charger, these adapters can be your lifesaver.

The universal adopter has different charging pins that can connect to your laptop. So, it can charge different sorts of batteries and connect to other inputs.


This blog helped you charge your laptop battery externally (with or without its original charger). These methods that we mentioned are all tried and tested. Still, since every laptop charging situation is different, it is possible that you have to check a few solutions before you find the one that works for you.

But be careful while trying different methods to prevent your laptop from getting damaged. Ultimately, the best way to solve a battery charging issue is to change your battery or check your charger.

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