Do Laptops Have Lithium Batteries?

do laptops have lithium batteries

What is life without laptops? They have become an essential part of our lives, from watching movies to working; you’ll find a laptop in every situation. Behind the sleek screens and powerful processors lies a crucial component: the battery. Responsible for powering our laptops on the go, batteries come in various types, each with its … Read more

Ultimate Guide On Do Laptops Have Graphics Cards?

Do Laptops Have Graphics Cards

You must be curious whether laptops have graphics cards if you are here. The simple answer to this is Yes, laptops do have graphics cards that are the integrated ones that are found in every laptop. However, there are also dedicated graphics cards. These two things create confusion, which leads us to this blog: This … Read more

Is Laptop Necessary for Freelancing?

Is Laptop Necessary for Freelancing?

Freelancing means working for yourself and doing projects for different clients instead of being an employee somewhere. Today, more people are freelancing because technology allows you to work from anywhere. But to succeed as a freelancer, is laptop necessary for freelancing? What Makes Freelancing Different? The best part of freelancing is that you don’t have … Read more

Can I Put Laptop In Checked Baggage?

Can I Put Laptop In Checked Baggage

Air travel is gaining popularity with every passing day. People prefer to travel by air even if they have to travel domestically instead of taking trains or buses because air travel is more convenient than other means of transportation. However, with air travel comes the biggest question in our minds: whether or not we can put … Read more

4 Ways To Take Screenshot On A Gateway Laptop

how to screenshot on a gateway laptop

Gateway laptops aren’t trendy nowadays, but some people still use them. They need to figure out how to take screenshot on them and capture the screen. If you aren’t sure how to take screenshot on a gateway laptop, don’t worry because this blog will significantly help you with how to do so. Having said that, if your gateway … Read more