Where To Sell Gaming Laptops: A Gamers Guide

If you’ve reached this blog, then you must be a gamer looking for ways to update your gaming setup or declutter space. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current gaming laptop and are eyeing a shiny new model with all the classy perks.

But wait! Before you rush into the world of next-gen gaming, it’s time to make some space and think about what you’re going to do with your old gaming companion –you can’t just throw it away, right?

That’s right, you can’t throw it away– it’s time to sell your gaming laptop. But from where to start? What to consider and where to sell gaming laptops? Well, don’t worry; we will answer all your questions. Before going deep into the topic, please read our latest blog on whether I can put the laptop in checked baggage.

4 Things to Consider Before Selling Your Gaming Laptops

Where To Sell Gaming Laptops

First things first, before we talk about where to sell gaming laptops, we are going to talk about what you need to consider before parting ways with your trusty gaming companion. Your gaming laptop has been through a lot with you – countless hours of gaming marathons, epic battles fought and won (and some even lost), and maybe even a few rage quits along the way.

So, before you say goodbye, make sure to:

Check the laptop’s condition

If you want to sell it, it should be in working condition –otherwise, you will get only peanuts for it.

Personal data

Back up all your files, game saves, and any other data you want to keep. Don’t lose those precious memories!


Look for the original accessories because they help you improve your laptop’s market value. The original box, manual, purchasing date, warranty card, and any other accessories the laptop came with must be included in the pack before you sell it. Also, check for the laptop battery; if the battery’s health is not good, you can consider replacing your laptop battery.

Provide it with TLC

We know that your laptop isn’t a person, but it still needs TLC (tender loving care), especially now that you are saying goodbye for good. Clean it properly inside out. Dust off those vents, wipe down the keyboard, and ensure everything is in tip-top shape. A well-maintained gaming laptop is much more appealing to buyers, so take the time to make yours sparkle.

Where to Sell Gaming Laptops?

Where to sell gaming laptop

Now that considerations are out of the way, let’s discuss where you should sell it. There are plenty of options out there; some of the most successful ones are:


Where to sell gaming laptop

Ah, good old eBay. You can call it the father of online marketplace, especially for used things. You can find literally everything and anything on eBay. With millions of users worldwide and millions of items, you can find a suitable buyer here. Just be prepared to deal with auction-style listings and potential fees.


Where to sell gaming laptop

Another giant in the world of online marketplaces, Amazon offers a convenient platform for selling your gaming laptop. Plus, with Amazon’s reputation for reliability and customer service, buyers may feel more comfortable making a purchase here.

Facebook Marketplace

Where to sell gaming laptops

Looking for a more local option? Look no further than Facebook Marketplace. Putting up gaming laptop for sale here will lead to people in your area getting the listing. Also, it’s free.


Where to sell gaming laptop

If you’re looking for a quick and hassle-free way to sell your gaming laptops, Gazelle might be the answer. Simply provide some details about your laptop, and Gazelle will make you an offer. If you accept, they’ll even provide a prepaid shipping label for you to send it in. Smooth, right?

Gaming Platforms

Some gaming platforms, like Steam, offer marketplaces where you can buy and sell in-game items, including gaming laptops. While this might not be the most conventional option, it’s worth exploring if you’re already active on these platforms. You can also ask your gaming buddies via gaming chat if they or someone they know wants to buy a gaming laptop.


Now that we have discussed these five places where to sell gaming laptops, you can prepare your laptop and list it on any one (or all) of these options. Indeed, you will find a suitable buyer who will buy and take care of your laptop like you used to.

Once you post about your laptop with all the details like pictures, specs, condition, age, etc., and the listing is live, a lot of buyers will contact you, and you should be ready to answer the queries of potential buyers and negotiate prices. Selling laptops online can be a bit of a rollercoaster and frustrating ride, but with patience and consistency, you’ll find the perfect buyer for your gaming laptop.

Well, here you have it – the ultimate guide to selling your gaming laptops. Whether you’re upgrading to the latest and greatest model or simply ready to pass your old laptop on to a new home, we hope this guide has helped you through and through. Happy gaming (and selling)!

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