Can I Put Laptop In Checked Baggage?

Air travel is gaining popularity with every passing day. People prefer to travel by air even if they have to travel domestically instead of taking trains or buses because air travel is more convenient than other means of transportation.

However, with air travel comes the biggest question in our minds: whether or not we can put the laptop in checked baggage.

We all love air travel, but as soon as it is time to get the baggage checked in, a dread befalls us, which every traveler is well aware of-which is putting your valuable and trusted laptop in baggage and at the mercy of the baggage control crew. At that moment, among all the worries, this worry was the biggest of all.

Laptops are now essential to everyone’s life, and 90% of people don’t travel without their laptops. But the big question isn’t whether or not you can travel with a laptop. Instead, it is whether you can or can’t put your laptop in checked-in luggage.

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To learn the answer to this question, you’ll have to read the blog till the end because the answer isn’t as straightforward as you think.

Can I Put Laptop in Checked Baggage?

Well, the simple answer here is yes, you can keep your laptop in your checked luggage. But do you want to do it? Do you want to put your precious laptop in luggage that is mishandled by the crew? You can do it, but the risk of damage is high when you don’t have your laptop on you –as nobody will care about it like you will.

However, if you want to put it in your luggage for some reason, then make sure that you pack it in such a way that even if a crew member throws and tosses your bag, it doesn’t affect or damage the laptop.

How to Pack the Laptop for Checked Luggage?

So, before putting your laptop in your luggage, ensure you safely pack it. You can pad it from all sides with bubble wrap or even cloth.

You can also use a screen protector and a sleeve to put your laptop in.

There is another trick that you can use to protect your laptop, and that is to wrap it in clothes that you are carrying after padding it in its bag so that there is that extra layer of protection on it.

Preparations Before Putting Laptop in Luggage

Nobody likes to think about the worst, but shouldn’t we be prepared for it? The only sensible way to deal with your laptop being in your checked luggage (for some reason) is by preparing for any bad news that you might get when you reach your destination. That way, even if you face a damaged laptop, at least you’ll know that you are mentally and strategically prepared for it.

But how can you prepare for it?

Always Backup Before Leaving

The suggestion to back up your laptop data isn’t just for when you have to travel; instead, you should make it a habit to always back up your data.

Make sure that you back up your data weekly (if you extensively use it for all your files) or biweekly (if the workload isn’t too much) so that you don’t lose your work if your hard drive corrupts. You can either back the data up on cloud-based storage or a portable drive.

Manage your Sensitive Data

While traveling, you don’t know who might rummage through your bag and access your laptop. That is why before you leave your laptop in your checked-in bag, ensure that all sensitive data –including autofill passwords, accounts, and important files are removed from it. Before removing them, you can take a screenshot to avoid forgetting your accounts. 

Because if god forbids someone to get their hands on your laptop, then all they will need is to log in to your laptop and access all your sensitive and secret data.

Ensure your Luggage is Safe

We understand that it’s next to impossible to ensure that your luggage stays safe after you get it checked in, but there are 2-3 precautions you can take.

  • First, you can label your baggage as fragile so the crew doesn’t mishandle it.
  • Second, you can get TSA-approved locks to make sure that your suitcase stays locked unless you open it after receiving it.
  • And third, put a GPS tracker with long battery life into your suitcase in case it gets misplaced by the airline.

Another thing you can do is to check your bag as soon as you receive it to see if your laptop is still inside, and if it isn’t, then you should talk to the airline ASAP.

Our Verdict

We highly recommend keeping your laptop in your hand-carry bag because that bag stays with you, and you can keep it secure. But if, for some reason, you have to put your laptop in checked baggage, make sure you follow the guidelines that we have given you for the safety of your laptop and all the data in it.

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