How To Put Stickers On A Laptop

We all have laptops, notebooks, or Macs with the same boring colour, but we never thought of beautifying them with stickers. Stickers make our devices beautiful and show our personality to others, and we may end up meeting people with the same interests just because of the stickers on the laptop. In this article, we will discuss how to put stickers on a laptop.

Do This Before Putting Stickers On The Laptop

Applying stickers on the laptops is fine as it shows your style and your interests. However, if you take care of the preventive measures, it would be easier for you to remove them. You should consider a few points before putting stickers on the laptop.

Clean Your Laptop

Before applying any sticker, it is mandatory to clean the laptop’s surface as if it remains uncleaned. The dust or debris will also stick to the stickers, impacting their adhesion.
It is important to clean the surface area of the laptop with rubbing alcohol to remove all the dust and debris. Dip a cloth in the rubbing alcohol and gently clean the outside area of the laptop. If you want to apply stickers on the inner side of the laptop, clean that as well.

Take Extra Care While Applying Stickers

Stickers contain adhesive on the other side to get stuck to the surface. The adhesive side has the waxed paper liner, which must be removed before applying to any surface. You must remove the waxed paper liner, put that sticker on the surface area and apply pressure. While doing this, some air bubbles can form, which you can easily remove using your thumb or credit card.

How To Buy Stickers For The Laptop

It is important to consider these points, which will help you choose the right sticker for your laptop.

Choose the Best Colour Theme

First of all, sketch the design in your mind that you want to purchase for the laptop. You must choose appealing colours that match or contrast each other to make a beautiful design. Also, purchase those stickers that go with your laptop material. You can look for plastic or vinyl-covered stickers.

Group Them By Size

How To Put Stickers On A Laptop
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That is fine if you want all your stickers to be the same Size. However, multi-size stickers give an appealing look and are also eye-catching. You can use the big-size stickers on each side of the laptop.

Arrange Stickers By Shape

You can choose multiple shapes as they give the viewer an aesthetic sense. You can purchase unique shapes for the centre points or eye-catching points so that they can grab everyone’s attention.

How To Put Stickers On A Laptop

Now, this is when your homework is completed, and you will do something practical. You have to arrange all the stickers in one place along with the laptop and necessary items and follow the steps below.

Clean The Laptop Surface With Alcohol

First, you have to take a cotton piece, dip it into rubbing alcohol and rub it all over the laptop surface to remove all the dirt and dust. This process will help the stickers to stick efficiently with the laptop.

Peel the Back Side Of Stickers

Now you have to gather all those stickers in one place which you want to apply first. You have to peel the back side of the stickers so that you can apply them on the laptop.

Choose the Place Where You Want to Apply Stickers

It is time to decide whether you want to apply stickers only on the back, front, or both sides. However, do not try to apply stickers on sensitive laptop parts like the touchpad, screen, keyboard, or ports.

Applying the Stickers

As you have chosen the place, it’s time for the stickers to be stuck on the laptop surface. Now, gently apply the stickers over the chosen place. Make sure you are applying the stickers in the right direction.

Laptop Sticker Ideas

how to put stickers on a laptop
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How To Put Stickers On A Laptop
How To Put Stickers On A Laptop


In this article, we discussed the preventive measures which should be taken before putting the stickers on the laptop. Afterwards, we discussed how to purchase the best stickers for your laptop. At the end of the article, we talked about how to put stickers on the computer. You may also read about where is the power button on Asus laptop.

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